Physiotherapy testimonials by patients who GCP have helped out

  • David Martin – Long Jumper

    David Martin

    “I have been receiving regular treatments from Scott for around 6 months and I am fortunate enough to regard him as a friend as well as an integral part of my athletics support team.

    As an athlete himself, he knows not only how to treat specific injuries but also how to manipulate each muscle group to get the best possible result. Since seeing Scott early this year, we, as a team have been able to successfully manage and treat a persistent back problem and achieve a number of lifetime best performances. This I have Scott to thank for as without his expertise and sound professional advice I would not have been able to put myself on the start line (injury free) to win medals. I personally believe that Scott’s wide range and variety of treatment methods ranging from massage, acupuncture, suction cups and exercises have brought the best from my body. In a sport like athletics, the only way to succeed is pushing the boundaries of your body’s limits. In order to enhance your performance regular physio treatments are essential. Scott also has advised an extensive strength and conditioning programme which I believe will play a vital and significant role in conditioning my core stability.”

  • Amy Kinnear – Dancer

    Amy Kinnear

    “For years I struggled to find a decent Physio and I was delighted when I met Scott. He is a fantastic Physiotherapist and always manages to fix my broken body! As a dancer I am in constant need of sports massages to keep my body ticking over. My injuries often vary and Scott always provides brilliant treatment that allows me to continue with my training the next day. Not only that, he is also great at giving advice and strengthening exercises which prevents further injury. Scott is very knowledgable and I would not hesitate in recommending him. His help has allowed me to maintain a healthy body through my professional dance training. Without his help it would not have been possible for me to gain a place in a prestigious London performance arts school.”

  • Kevin Moore – Spartan Runner/Gym Enthusiast

    Kevin Moore

    “After facing some difficulties with movement in my knees to quite a debilitating level, pain whilst walking or any general physical activity, I took the opportunity to visit Scott.

    Scott takes time to assess where issues are stemming from rather than where the pain is at the time. This differs from my previous physio experience as I have had work done that would work short term but the issue would return over time. Scott’s treatment has afforded me the confidence that the issues will improve long term.

    In my personal case Scott has delivered guidance to ensure I continually make progress even without attending an appointment. He has kept contact with me to ensure that I was benefiting from his treatments and emailed exercises to perform to aid in my recovery. Additionally, Scott offers treatment times that extend beyond most physio treatments. This allows him to give as accurate an assessment and treatment as possible as he can as a result take the time to do so without rushing himself or indeed the patient.

    My progression is to such a point that I am able to reach personal goals and achieve where I thought I could no longer. I have been able to partake in Tough Mudder, Spartan races, Zombie runs and a variety of 10k races. Its truly not an exaggeration that without Scott’s help and treatment these would have been impossible for me to take part in never mind complete. I have since went on to achieve personal bests for the 10k. I cannot recommend Scott highly enough.”

  • Kevin Cornes – Masters Student/Orphanage Volunteer/Runner

    Kevin Cornes

    “Whether you need a quick massage before a competition, a little niggle that is holding you back from competing at the top of your game or something more severe, Scott definitely has all of the answers! I have been utilising Scott’s service for over a year and have found his knowledge and diagnostic skills very impressive. I would highly recommend Scott to anyone from beginner athlete to those competing at the highest level of sport.”

  • Katie Bristow – Student/1500m/5k/cross country runner

    Katie Bristow running

    “I have been seeing Scott over the past year for regular sports massage in order to keep a high volume of training going whilst racing as part of a long term development plan. Scott has also been extremely helpful over the past year in identifying any slight injuries or niggles that may occur if training was to continue at the same intensity. After developing a foot injury during the winter, Scott played a key role in my rehabilitation and without his help my winter season may have been cut short. Scott creates a friendly yet professional atmosphere, and shows great care as he always has the athlete’s best interests at heart.”