Physiotherapy testimonials by patients who GCP have helped out

  • Martin Hristov – Football referee

    Martin Hristov

    During my first season as a referee I had constant shin splints pain and had to visit multiple physiotherapists in the Glasgow area. My condition did not improve, but it got so bad that midway through my second season I could not referee anymore and was limping even during a normal walk to work.

    I then found Scott and Glasgow city physiotherapy through online research and decided to give it a try. I could see straight away that the approach he has is completely different from what I had seen before – he was looking for the root cause of my shin splints issue, rather than only concentrating on treating my pain. After examining me and figuring out where my weaknesses are and what is causing my issues, he designed a tailored fitness program for me. Upon closely following his instructions and visiting him a couple more times, I started seeing rapid improvements and I was soon able to referee again. My stamina, strength & speed drastically improved and I got from a point where I was considering quitting refereeing, to a point where I was in a better shape than ever before. More importantly I now had the knowledge and experience to know what to work on and how to take care of my own body.

    Since then I have visited Scott multiple times for issues different than shin splints and I have repeatedly seen that as an athlete himself, he is very competent both in lower and upper body issues. I have been recommending him to my friends and colleagues as he is by far the best I have ever worked with.

  • Myles Edwards – Scottish 1500m champion 2016, represented Scotland multiple times

    Myles Edwards

    After winning the Scottish National 1,500m title in 2015 I was full of optimism that my running career was going to go from strength to strength. Unfortunately this was not the case as an achilles injury was followed by a knee injury, which then required surgery. The surgery was not successful and I was left unable to bend my leg for months and with severe muscle wastage. Over time I was able to gain more flexibility in the leg and introduce some cycling and light gym work, gradually building up the muscle. However, any attempt to return to running resulted in setback. I had spent almost 2 years unable to do the sport I love and was starting to believe that I would never return to pain free running.

    Upon realising my issue Scott was in constant email contact, always checking what I was doing, recommending exercises and treating me when I was in the UK. The exercises which Scott gave me were initially designed to increase my leg strength to a basic level but over time they have developed and I am now stronger than I was pre surgery. I was gradually able to build up my runs from 1 minute and now last week I completed my first ever Kenyan group fartlek session with over 200 runners – what a feeling! This simply wouldn’t have been possible without Scott and the team’s commitment and determination to get me back to where I wanted to be. I actually think it meant as much to them as it did to me to be back running. Their enthusiasm and motivational attitudes are inspiring! I will be forever grateful to them for getting me back running and they will have played a major role in any future success I enjoy.

  • Nikki Manson – Scottish High Jump champion, 3rd at British, 5th NCAA’s, 6th All time list High Jump

    As someone who hates going to the doctors (physio) etc I can say Scott and his team have truly changed my approach towards healthcare. A friendly, welcoming team they have put me at ease throughout my time at Glasgow City Physiotherapy. Once of the opinion “If its ain’t broke don’t fix it”, his focus on prevention over treatment means that GCP not only keeps me healthy and injury free but has also helped me improve as an athlete. They provide treatment on all levels, taking the time to not only research the specific sport you’re engaged with (for me high jump) but also make an effort to understand the training environment, living environment and mentality of the coaches/athletes involved. Without a doubt this holistic approach works! Now a core part of my team, going forward, GCP will be an essential tool to achieve my ever expanding goals.

  • Amy Kinnear – Dancer

    Amy Kinnear

    “For years I struggled to find a decent Physio and I was delighted when I met Scott. He is a fantastic Physiotherapist and always manages to fix my broken body! As a dancer I am in constant need of sports massages to keep my body ticking over. My injuries often vary and Scott always provides brilliant treatment that allows me to continue with my training the next day. Not only that, he is also great at giving advice and strengthening exercises which prevents further injury. Scott is very knowledgable and I would not hesitate in recommending him. His help has allowed me to maintain a healthy body through my professional dance training. Without his help it would not have been possible for me to gain a place in a prestigious London performance arts school.”

  • Kevin Cornes – Masters Student/Orphanage Volunteer/Runner

    Kevin Cornes

    “Whether you need a quick massage before a competition, a little niggle that is holding you back from competing at the top of your game or something more severe, Scott definitely has all of the answers! I have been utilising Scott’s service for over a year and have found his knowledge and diagnostic skills very impressive. I would highly recommend Scott to anyone from beginner athlete to those competing at the highest level of sport.”