Nikki Manson – Scottish High Jump champion, 3rd at British, 5th NCAA’s, 6th All time list High Jump

As someone who hates going to the doctors (physio) etc I can say Scott and his team have truly changed my approach towards healthcare. A friendly, welcoming team they have put me at ease throughout my time at Glasgow City Physiotherapy. Once of the opinion “If its ain’t broke don’t fix it”, his focus on prevention over treatment means that GCP not only keeps me healthy and injury free but has also helped me improve as an athlete. They provide treatment on all levels, taking the time to not only research the specific sport you’re engaged with (for me high jump) but also make an effort to understand the training environment, living environment and mentality of the coaches/athletes involved. Without a doubt this holistic approach works! Now a core part of my team, going forward, GCP will be an essential tool to achieve my ever expanding goals.