Jeffrey Webster

  • Sport and Performance Psychology Consultant

    Specialising in Sport Psychology, Jeffrey is a graduate of the ‘Psychology of Sport’ Masters Degree course at University of Stirling – the only Sport Psychology Masters program in Scotland to be accredited by the British Psychological Society. He gained a distinction and placed top of his year whilst doing so.

    Jeffrey is now in the process of progressing on to stage 2 of training to become an Accredited Sport Psychologist through the British Psychological Society.

    Jeffrey is based in Glasgow, but travels all over the country to work with teams and individuals. He has worked with:
    • Scottish National Squash Team
    • 1st Scottish Premiership (soccer) Team
    • Elite Tennis Juniors (Top 4 Scotland, Top 5 UK)
    • Elite 400m Sprinter (Top 3 Scotland)
    • Elite Junior Golfers (Top 25 World Ranking U12)
    • Competitive Diver
    • Elite Junior Swimmers
    • Professional Squash Player
    • Karate Fighters (Both top 3 Scotland)
    • Professional MMA Fighter
    • Elite Junior Artistic and Competitive Gymnasts (Top 3 Scotland)
    • Junior Wakeboarder (Top 3 UK)
    • Professional Formula 1 Waterskiier (Top 3 Europe)
    • Elite Squash Juniors
    • Professional and Amateur Golfers
    • Amateur Tennis Players
    • Amateur Squash Players

    This work has been a combination of individual sessions, team workshops, mental skills training (on and off the field), performance analysis and observation and motivational talks.

    Jeffrey carries out continuous research to ensure that his practice is as up to date and relevant as possible. A combination of current theory and past personal experience shapes Jeffrey’s practice.

    He also regularly attends The British Psychological Society’s: Scottish Division of Sport and Exercise Psychology quarterly conferences to help raise awareness of the discipline, learn from experienced others, and reflect on his own practice.