Myles Edwards – Scottish 1500m champion 2016, represented Scotland multiple times

Myles Edwards

After winning the Scottish National 1,500m title in 2015 I was full of optimism that my running career was going to go from strength to strength. Unfortunately this was not the case as an achilles injury was followed by a knee injury, which then required surgery. The surgery was not successful and I was left unable to bend my leg for months and with severe muscle wastage. Over time I was able to gain more flexibility in the leg and introduce some cycling and light gym work, gradually building up the muscle. However, any attempt to return to running resulted in setback. I had spent almost 2 years unable to do the sport I love and was starting to believe that I would never return to pain free running.

Upon realising my issue Scott was in constant email contact, always checking what I was doing, recommending exercises and treating me when I was in the UK. The exercises which Scott gave me were initially designed to increase my leg strength to a basic level but over time they have developed and I am now stronger than I was pre surgery. I was gradually able to build up my runs from 1 minute and now last week I completed my first ever Kenyan group fartlek session with over 200 runners – what a feeling! This simply wouldn’t have been possible without Scott and the team’s commitment and determination to get me back to where I wanted to be. I actually think it meant as much to them as it did to me to be back running. Their enthusiasm and motivational attitudes are inspiring! I will be forever grateful to them for getting me back running and they will have played a major role in any future success I enjoy.