Cara Sloss

Cara is a Clinical and Sports Dietitian, with an MSc in Sport and Exercise Nutrition and a graduate on the Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register (SENr). With a background in Sport and Exercise Science and a competitive runner herself, Cara is passionate about helping athletes of all levels through developing individual, practical nutrition strategies. She has a particular interest in fuelling endurance and ultra-endurance training and competition. In addition to this, Cara has a part time clinical dietitian role in the NHS. This work includes a variety of specialities including weight management, coeliac disease, IBS and diabetes. Cara can provide assessment and advice in any of these areas.

Services include:

Sports nutrition assessment for athletes of all levels. Working back from your performance goals to first develop strong daily nutrition foundations, before fine tuning the detail for fuelling competition. Advice underpinned by research, while ensuring all recommendations are suited to your lifestyle and easy to follow. Supporting development of the knowledge and skills to effectively manage your own nutrition. A preventative approach aims to highlight and optimise nutrition to keep you training consistently and healthily!

Heath nutrition assessment is for anyone looking to optimise their diet, improve eating habits or for guidance on a specific nutrition related condition. Dietary assessment and support can help you achieve changes to your lifestyle, increase knowledge and enhance well being.

Cara is an ISAK level 1 anthropometrist and available for body composition assessment (skinfolds).

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