Women’s Health Physiotherapy focuses on the assessment and treatment those who are pregnant, have recently given birth or are struggling with pelvic floor and continence issues, particularly when exercising.

Our woman’s health specialist physiotherapist Cliona divides her time between the NHS and GCP, providing physiotherapy to woman who are struggling with pain in their pregnancy or are having issues with their core muscles and leaking in the postnatal period. She also works with pelvic floor dysfunction and has a special interest in helping woman who leak whilst they run.

A lot of woman may find they have urinary leakage following childbirth, particularly with high impact activities like running. Although this is very common, it is not normal can be improved with appropriate strengthening and advice.

An appointment will consist of a full assessment and may include an internal assessment if this is required. Education and a supervised exercise programme will be provided along with any other treatments that are necessary to help with the problem. Cliona will also be able to provide advice on any other hospital tests and referrals that may be required.

Frequently asked questions

Do you treat large prolapses?

No, our advice is to seek a referral to Gynaecology from your GP

Do you treat Bladder Pain?

No, seek referral to gynaecology

What conditions do you want to see at GCP?

  • Stress incontinence (leaking with sneezing, coughing, running, jumping)
  • Overactive bladder (increased urgency to go to the toilet)
    Larger ‘leeks’ during exercise.
  • Small prolapses (heaviness and ‘drying’ down below).