Acupuncture was first brought into Europe in the 17th century, but until recently was not widely accepted because of a clash of beliefs between Chinese medicine and the Western world. Chinese medicine is based around holistic patterns and western medicine is based around scientific proof. However within the last 20 years research supporting the use of acupuncture has grown and with this the understanding of how it works has also grown.

Though it is widely accepted as a alternative treatment therapy, it is now being practiced by over 1,000,000 practitioners worldwide and is growing!

acupunctureWhat is it?

Needles of various sizes and widths are used in various points depending on your needs. They are left in place for around 15 minutes and are sometimes stimulated by twisting.

How does it work?

Chinese medicine explains the benefits of acupuncture by balancing your “Qi”. In Western Societies is explained using concepts of neuroscience, ie. acupuncture points lie in places where muscles, nerves or connective tissue can be stimulated. Acupuncture triggers an increase in blood flow and triggers the bodies natural pain killers.

Used as an adjunct to physiotherapy Acupuncture can be a very potent and effective treatment method. Research is stronger for treatment for chronic pains (Pain that is >30 days old), headaches, Osteoarthritic knees, Lower back pain and tendon problems.

How We use it?

At Glasgow City Physiotherapy we view acupuncture as a part of a treatment or rehabilitation plan and is never used by itself. It is effective as part of a full treatment plan but not as a stand alone treatment. The benefits of acupuncture include pain relief, well being and improved function.