Who we are

  • Scott MacAulay

    Physiotherapist and Sports Massage Therapist

    The owner of ‘Glasgow City Physiotherapy’ Scott has worked privately for four years and treated some of Scotland’s best athletes in the process. After graduating university Scots accolades resulted him being invited to attend a two-month internship at an elite an elite training camp in Ethiopia! Working alongside some of the greatest runners of our time world scot was mentored by the world-renowned physiotherapist Jeroen Deen (Physio to the all-time greats such as David Rudisha, Genzebe Dibaba, Wilson Kipsang, Mohamad Aman ).

    Alongside the clinic Scott has worked for Celtic FC as an Academy Physiotherapist for four years working with age groups varying from 8 years old – 17 years old, learning from very experienced physiotherapists and seeing multiple players progress to make their senior debuts at the club.

    Within Glasgow City Physiotherapy Scott has worked with international athletes who represent Scotland and GB at major junior and senior championships within Track and Field athletics and other sports.

    “By providing exercise advice, lifestyle changes, manual therapy, strength and conditioning advice or programmes we have helped get many athletes back into their sport and became good friends along the way.”

    It is Scott’s belief that by giving as much support to patients as possible, he can empower them to take control of their own symptoms and problems. He feels the only way to truly treat is by improve educating patients to become more knowledgeable about their own body and thus learn how to prevent, identify future injuries in the clinic, on the track and at home.

    Scott’s ethos is that by creating the ideal environment for patients through working with coaches, strength and conditioning coaches, psychologists, nutritionists and others we can get quicker, better and longer lasting results. Scott will work in a way which if manual therapy (massage, acupuncture etc) are required then it will be given but always with a long-term view of the patient’s care, more emphasis will be place on strength and conditioning or ‘exercise therapy’. Patients will always be given honest advice and things to go away and work on and improve.

    Another of Scott’s professional aims is to improve private physiotherapy care in Glasgow by taking on students, physiotherapists and in the future providing opportunities to therapists to work in the clinic.

  • Cliona Ferguson

    Physiotherapist and Sports Massage Therapist

    Cliona has graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University this year. Despite this she has, whilst studying, amassed a vast amount of experience through volunteering, work and her own massage. Cliona competes in Triathlon and has attained a fantastic amount of knowledge about training and competing at these levels. On top of this she has been a swimming teacher for multiple years working with Junior athletes introducing them to sport and competitive swimmers developing into senior athletes. As well as this Cliona has worked with two footballing sides, triathlon Scotland, Stirling triathlon club.

    Her desire to work in private clinic comes from her overwhelming urge to provide a better service for patients. Having the time to discuss patient’s problems, listen to them and address these problems. Manual therapy is provided when necessary and yield positive results. Her desire to continually improve and gain more and more experience is fantastic and displayed by her willingness to improve through continuous professional development.

  • Gary McBride

    Sports Massage Therapist

    Gary is a professional Sports Massage Therapist with years of experience within the health and fitness industry. His HND in Sports Therapy coupled with a BSc in Sports and Exercise Science gives him a wealth of knowledge and understanding about the functions of the human body and how it reacts to sports. His interest stems from having competed over 800m for club and country at junior level. Even though he has hung up his vest he still continues to train diligently to maintain a healthy lifestyle. He currently works part time with Kilmarnock FC ensuring the first team receive first class massage they have grown accustom to, and now you can receive the same treatment as full time professionals do. “Sports Massage should be used as maintenance to keep you in good condition as opposed to being used only when your body starts to break down” Gary firmly believes that each individual client should have their own individually tailored treatment to achieve the best results so don’t hesitate and book now.

  • Emma Dunnett

    Massage Therapist

    Emma is a massage therapist specialising in both Swedish and sports massage. Currently in her third year at Glasgow Caledonian University studying to become a physiotherapist, Her own experience in sport includes representing Scotland at various age group levels over hill, cross country and Road running. A passionate athlete, her achievement of the moment is running 1:23 for a half marathon! Continuing to train around her work and studies Emma’s passion and education fully embodies what GCP is all about!

  • Jeffrey Webster

    Sport and Performance Psychology Consultant

    Specialising in Sport Psychology, Jeffrey is a graduate of the ‘Psychology of Sport’ Masters Degree course at University of Stirling – the only Sport Psychology Masters program in Scotland to be accredited by the British Psychological Society. He gained a distinction and placed top of his year whilst doing so.

    Jeffrey is now in the process of progressing on to stage 2 of training to become an Accredited Sport Psychologist through the British Psychological Society.

    Jeffrey is based in Glasgow, but travels all over the country to work with teams and individuals. He has worked with:

    • 1st Scottish Premiership (soccer) Team
    • Elite Tennis Juniors (Top 4 in Scotland, Top 10 in the United Kingdom)
    • Elite 400m Sprinter (Top 10 in Scotland)
    • Scottish Institute of Sport
    • Elite Squash Juniors
    • Professional and Amateur Golfers
    • Amateur Tennis Players
    • Amateur Squash Players
    • Advanced Higher Physical Education Students (teaching how to implement sport psychology training into their dissertations). This help gain extra marks and provides a better understanding of high performance progression.

    This work has been a combination of individual sessions, team workshops, mental skills training (on and off the field), performance analysis and observation and motivational talks.

    Jeffrey carries out continuous research to ensure that his practice is as up to date and relevant as possible. A combination of current theory and past personal experience shapes Jeffrey’s practice.

    He also regularly attends The British Psychological Society’s: Scottish Division of Sport and Exercise Psychology quarterly conferences to help raise awareness of the discipline, learn from experienced others, and reflect on his own practice.

    Contact: info@jwperformanceagency.co.uk

  • Cara Sloss

    Clinical and Sports Dietitian

    Cara is a Clinical and Sports Dietitian, with an MSc in Sport and Exercise Nutrition and a graduate on the Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register (SENr). With a background in Sport and Exercise Science and a competitive runner herself, Cara is passionate about helping athletes of all levels through developing individual, practical nutrition strategies. She has a particular interest in fuelling endurance and ultra-endurance training and competition. In addition to this, Cara has a part time clinical dietitian role in the NHS. This work includes a variety of specialities including weight management, coeliac disease, IBS and diabetes. Cara can provide assessment and advice in any of these areas.

    Services include:

    Sports nutrition assessment for athletes of all levels. Working back from your performance goals to first develop strong daily nutrition foundations, before fine tuning the detail for fuelling competition. Advice underpinned by research, while ensuring all recommendations are suited to your lifestyle and easy to follow. Supporting development of the knowledge and skills to effectively manage your own nutrition. A preventative approach aims to highlight and optimise nutrition to keep you training consistently and healthily!

    Heath nutrition assessment is for anyone looking to optimise their diet, improve eating habits or for guidance on a specific nutrition related condition. Dietary assessment and support can help you achieve changes to your lifestyle, increase knowledge and enhance well being.

    Cara is an ISAK level 1 anthropometrist and available for body composition assessment (skinfolds).

    Email Cara